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My thoughts on life around me and trying to find the true me.

Outing Me

on February 19, 2012

If you are here expecting to read all about how I am outing myself to my family and friends, you are in the wrong place. This blog is about how I am going to out me to well, me!

Inside me there is a Woman who has been fighting to come out for a LONG time.  It only took me 40+ years BUT I am ready to find her.   I ready to banish the low self esteem, the need for approval from anyone and everyone.   I am ready to find the TRULY confident woman that lies within.  Sure, I may come across as confident but the truth is it is all a facade.  An act in the play I call my life.

My kids like to name the months.  November for instance is Thanksgiving month, December is Christmas month.  You get the idea.  February is love month.

I decided this year that I deserve the love of THE most important person in my life.  Sorry but I don’t mean my husband or my kids. I mean ME.  The time has come to focus on me.  To banish the I suck at everything thoughts.  To find the wow, you rocked that thoughts. 

I am starting a new act but this time, it is NOT going to be an act, this is going to be the final performance and I plan on knocking them dead!


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