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on May 11, 2012

I have been passing by these cute pastel flower prints we picked up years ago on Prince Edward Island for days now and thinking that they needed to be moved.  I wanted them to be put somewhere where people could actually see them and enjoy them.  They were stuck on a shelf of a cabinet we had in the bathroom and you had to know they were there to appreciate them.  This put the idea in my head.

I went down to the “freezer room” in the basement this afternoon and found a nice great shot of Peggy Cove’s Lighthouse in with my late Mother-in-law’s pictures.   I decided it was too pretty to be sitting in a damp basement so I brought it upstairs.

The redecorating has begun! 

I moved a print of Canadian geese to the empty spot over my couch (see a theme to our artwork at all?), took down the spoons I had hanging above my kitchen cabinets and replaced them with the pastels and hung Peggy’s cove in the entry way space that I took the Canadian geese from.

Now I really want to paint my hallway!



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