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on May 20, 2012

It’s Spring so I understand if right now you think I have lost my mind.  That’s ok, I pretty much have.  I promise I am not talking about mittens you wear in the winter.  I despise winter and don’t want to think about it.  You see, mittens is our kitten.

My middle guy has been begging for a cat for probably 6 out of his 9 years on this earth.  My 11 year old Daughter wanted a frog.  We now have 3 fire belly toads and despite my cat allergy, I picked up a kitten from my friend Dawn on Thursday.

I have never been a Dog or a Cat person. I attribute this to the fact that the only pets I ever had growing up were those carnival fish that lasted a week and then went to the great pond in the sky via the toilet highway.  Hubby of course had cats and dogs in his house so we tried out a dog when we first got married.  The problem was that I didn’t know how to choose a pet.  Jack was extremely high maintenance and lasted in our house 9 months. 

13 years later, I have learned an important lesson and Mittens actually chose us.  She was one of 4 girls and a boy born to my friend’s Maine coon.  Dawn had all the kittens in a box and brought them up to her kitchen where Mittens fought to be the first out of the box.  She came right to me and the decision was made.  To be fair, we waited until the other 4 were out of the box and we played with them all but she was the one that kept coming back.

Here she is at a day shy of 6 weeks when we brought her home.  She is eating, drinking and using the litter box like a champ.


It’s official, I am a cat person!




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