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Tooth Adventures

on May 30, 2012

Last night the little guy was walking around with a toothpick and a napkin.  The toothpick was to pick at his loose tooth and the napkin to catch the blood.  He was determined he was getting that darn thing out.

This morning, he was getting ready for school and midway through his preparations he realized something.  He realized that his tooth wasn’t in his mouth!  Where could it be?  After a real good search of his bed, it was located.  Disaster was averted. 

Hubby told him to get a snack bag and put the tooth in it so the tooth fairy would be able to find it tonight.  This is no different that the usual lost tooth routine.  The next part however, is.

Little man ventured in to the bathroom to brush his teeth.  Hubby went in to hurry him along only to find that he was brushing the detached tooth so it would be clean for the tooth fairy.  This kid is too much.

What kind of crazy things have your kids done?  Do you have any interesting tooth stories?  I would love to hear them.

One response to “Tooth Adventures

  1. Fresh from my desk... says:

    Nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂

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