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Shine Your Sink

on June 10, 2012

A few (ok maybe more like 10) years ago, I was a member of an online group that was going to help me eliminate the clutter in my home. They would e-mail a task to accomplish every day.  Ask my friends how that turned out, lol.

While the program wasn’t a huge success for me, I did learn 2 things.  The first thing I learned was that you can accomplish much more in 15 minutes then you thought you could.  The second thing was that you should shine your sink.

Shine your sink?  What is this kook talking about?  When you have a pile of dishes staring at you from your sink, you groan.  Admit it, you groan.  One of my Darling Daughter’s (DD) chores is the dishwasher.  This means that she is supposed to load and unload it.  Sounds simple enough, right?  You would think but I have to pull a mouth full of teeth EVERY day in order for it to get done.

We experienced a miracle the other day though.  I only had to prod DD 10 or 20 times rather than the usual 30-50 to do her job and EVERY dish actually made it out of the sink!!!  I stuck my sponge in there with some soap and I shined that sink!

That sucker sparkled.  As silly as that advice I received so many years ago sounded, I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment in the fact that for at least a moment, my sink was nice and shiny.

Please share the tiny things that make you feel accomplished.


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