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The “Old” Days

on July 2, 2012

The phone rang this morning at 9am while I was still in bed.  It’s summer and we go to bed and get up whenever we want unless there is something we HAVE to do.  Anyway…

The phone stated that the call was from unavailable.  Thank you unavailable for waking me from my peaceful slumber (not that the kids hadn’t already come in 5 times).  I started thinking about how lucky we are that the phone actually does annoyingly talk to us and thought back to the “old” days.

Growing up, we didn’t have caller id.  We had to run to grab the phone in the kitchen and pray that the caller would still be there when we got there.  The kicker was that the caller could be a sales person and we would be stuck trying to figure out a way off the phone.  We also didn’t have call waiting and if you were waiting for a call and Mom was on the phone well, you just had to wait.  If you were the one making the call, you had to pray you didn’t mess up the dialing or you had to start ALL OVER AGAIN!  There was no push button phones.  We had rotary phones.  One slip of the finger and you started over.  Get a busy signal?  Start over.  My how times have changed.

My next realization was when my almost 6 year old asked if he could play the wii.   I immediately thought of how lucky he was to be able to play games that are multi-color and 3 dimensional.  How he didn’t have to plug anything in as it is already plugged in.   All he had to do was switch the source.

Remember when you could watch cartoons only on Saturday?  My kids certainly don’t have THAT problem.  Spongebob seems to be on 24 hours a day here.

We are fortunate in the fact that my kids do like to play outside though.  They run up and down the block just like I used to as a kid.  They want to have lemonade stands and camp out in the back yard.  They like to hike while looking for geocaches.  There is hope for their generation yet.

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