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on January 24, 2013

Let’s talk about Social media.  When Facebook was first introduced, I stayed away from it.  I was content to pick up the phone and connect with my friends that way.  I truthfully only joined because I was trying to find people for my HS reunion.  You don’t need to know which one 🙂

Shortly after finding my old “friends”, I began to explore the possibilities of Facecrack as I started to call it.  I became addicted to the games, I found old friends that I thought were lost forever.  I was in my glory.

I love that I can share things with all my friends at the same time.  It does take away a bit of the personal feel to things but no one can get upset that they weren’t first to know.

I love being able to see Kids grow, especially those that are far away. 

I loved Facebook so much that I nagged my husband into opening an account.  BAD move!

Spouses should NOT be Facebook friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not having some illicit affair that he found out about. Please, who has time for that?

He just tries to micromanage my posts.  I am currently on day 8 (yes you read that right) of a migraine.  On day 2, I had posted that I had a bad headache but had to push through it because I had a Den meeting planned.  He told me he didn’t like that I tell people when I don’t feel well. 

My theory is people will just skip to the next post if they don’t want to read about my headaches.  Who is he to tell me what I can and can’t post? 

My solution?  I set up a new account and I blocked him!  Not the best solution I am sure but for now it brings me peace just like the spell check that has been helping me with even the simplest words in this post since the pain is so darn sever behind my eyes.

Thanks for letting me vent.  If you ever don’t like a post I promise I won’t be insulted if you just move on.

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