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Luck of the Irish

Those that know me, know that:

1.  I am Irish.

2.  I have a disease with no name as of yet

3.  I love my Cub Scouts.

My disease can creep up on me at any given time.  It makes my hands and feet cramp up.  It is known to numb an entire side of my body and it is prone to giving me HORRIFIC headaches.  I try not to let it interfere with my Scout meetings as we are Bears now and I can’t just pawn my Boys off on anyone at this point.

This past Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and it coincided with our annual Cub Scout day at camp.  It is the one day of the year where the whole Pack can get together to run around, shoot arrows, run an obstacle course, climb a rock wall, take an amazing hike and some years even shoot BB’s before hanging out at a campfire for songs and skits.  Cap off the night with dinner and smores and everyone is happy.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a spot in one of the two cabins we rent and you can stay the night.  I was lucky enough.  My lucky didn’t end there however.  This year, I opted in on the hike across the Palisades Parkway to the “Castle” and the amazing view of the NYC city skyline across the Hudson River.  I had on my day pack filled to capacity with water in the cavity and a bottle of Aleve just in case.  We hiked for MILES to get there.  Not one kid complained, not even an adult!  The thing that made the hike amazing wasn’t the view.  It wasn’t the geocache we found either.  It was the fact that I made it there and back with only mild numbness and no foot cramps!

Yes, the luck of the Irish reined supreme for me this year.  I made memories with my kids and my Scouts and my disease took a day off!

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