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My Happy Place

When someone tells you to go to your happy place most people immediately think of the ocean.  You picture the calming waves, smell the salt air….

I never understood why picturing this didn’t actually relax me until this morning.  This morning as I lay on the couch trying to coax my 11 year old out the door to Middle School, I stumbled upon my true happy place.  6am is my time for introspection.  I get up, head to the couch with my pillow and phone (as an alarm to get the other 2 up) and settle into my brain for a while.  My gaze happened to hit the kitchen table this morning and I was happy.

What per tell on a kitchen table could make someone happy, you ask?  I glanced over and saw the stalks of my recently planted seeds.  It then hit me like a Mack truck.  I could never relax because the beach is NOT my happy place.  The beach reminds me of sand in all sorts of orifices, of me being turned over numerous times by the undertow and fearing I would never emerge from the 2 foot depths and see my family ever again.  The GARDEN however…

I am smiling even as I type this.  I am picturing my fruit/vegetable garden.  As of right now, the garden holds Strawberry plants waiting to bare fruit again this year as well as a Rosemary plant.  Last week I got down on my knees and dug up the weeds one day.  I love the feel of the dirt under my nails, of ripping the evil weeds out of the earth and replacing them with seeds that will one day bring me bounty.

The next day, I turned my soil.  It now sits ready waiting to confirm that the final frost has truly come and gone.  My seedlings sit on the table near the window begging to be put into the earth.  They long to be put in rows and become cucumbers, squash, peppers, eggplant and even corn.  There is nothing like being able to go right outside and pick the veggies that you are going to serve with dinner. 

Yes folks, I have found my happy place.  It is my garden and if you are nice, I will share my crops with you.

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