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Since the rest of the Northeast is talking about Nemo (when did we start naming snow storms by the way?) I figured I would give the topic a rest and talk about something else.

First, I must apologize for ever thinking that a migraine was just a long-term headache or a headache where you just needed to be in a dark room for a little while. 

A migraine can be that and so much more.  I had my first ever migraine just recently and in fact, I still haven’t totally shed the damn thing.

I learned some things while enduring the hell that is a migraine.  I learned that your tolerance for yapping little dogs decreases.  I learned that the volume and pain from an MRI increases!  I also learned that ER’s can be pretty entertaining if you are placed in the hallway by the room where they put the crazy people.

The most important lesson I learned is that if you are given the choice to laugh about your situation or cry, choose to laugh.  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  If I am going to go tomorrow, I want to go laughing.  I don’t want the nurses glad I am gone.  My hospital roommate and I (technically my second roommate, I had the first evicted) had a great time because we had the same outlook.

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